Nancy's Notes : Thoughts of the Rectory Dog March 2015

Nancy’s Notes : The Thoughts of the Rectory Dog

March 2015

You’re quite lucky that I’m writing an article this month. Officially I’m sulking! This means that I spend a lot of time lying quietly in my basket looking doleful. Not that it achieves anything. His Reverence just keeps giving me a sickly smile and saying, “Oh you’re being such a good girl at the moment, aren’t you?” (He can be so patronising sometimes.) If my sulk doesn’t register soon, I shall have to resort to more radical measures such as eating or half-eating an important item of mail, or chewing a piece of furniture. That always gets his attention.


The reason I’m upset is that I heard recently that on Palm Sunday there’s probably going to be a procession from All Saints School to All Saints Church, to commemorate Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem. Apparently they want a donkey to take part. I got very excited about this, naively thinking that as the Rectory Dog, well known for my acting ability, I would at least be able to audition for the part. After all, I’m almost big enough to be a donkey, and I’ve been working for weeks on a special “donkey look”.


Meesha - next door’s cat - told me rather smugly the other day that the part has already been allocated to someone called Mabel, who has played the part before and who has also taken part in nativity scenes at the church at Christmas.  I feel deeply wounded that I’m not even being given an opportunity to try for the part. So much for Equal Opportunities! Whoever this Mabel is, she’d better be good. She also needs to be careful; it’s easy to be ‘typecast’ and to always end up playing the same sort of role. If she’s not careful, Mabel will end up playing a donkey for the rest of her life. 


Because I can’t speak, I take my acting inspiration from the old silent movie stars like  Gloria Swanson, and I say everything I need to say with my eyes. I have great sympathy with Norma Desmond in the film “Sunset Boulevard”.  Do you remember how when someone says to her, “You used to be big” she says, “I AM big. It’s the pictures that got small.” Well I’M big too, and it’s the Palm Sunday processions that have got small!  


So, once again I shall miss out on one of the most colourful and moving church services of the year. Meesha – who is very evangelical (and often drives me mad with her constant banging of the tambourine) -  tells me that processions like this are very high church and old-fashioned. Well what would she know?  I’ve heard His Reverence explaining that churches of all sorts of traditions now do this, that it’s an important act of witness to the local community and that it helps people to really ‘engage with’ (please forgive the clergy-speak) the events of that first holy week.


Well, I just hope that those of you who can take part in this sort of thing will do so, and remember those of us who can’t. Meanwhile, I shall just stay at home and perhaps re-watch the DVD of Sunset Boulevard.


Anyway, I must go now. I think I can hear the postman……


Nancy's Notes : Thoughts of the Rectory Dog
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