Nancy's Notes : Thoughts of the Rectory Dog July 2015

Nancy’s Notes - The thoughts of the Rectory Dog

I’m not one to gossip. A Rectory dog has to be above such things; but I have to say that the quality of TV programme watched at The Rectory leaves much to be desired. It’s all crime drama, science fiction or inane comedy. Occasionally, I’m allowed to choose the programme we watch, in which case it’s always something edifying about dogs or other animals or nature in general. 

The sad thing about these programmes is that they often show how humans are not very good at looking after the environment, respecting other animals and protecting endangered species.

I was discussing this the other day with two new friends of mine.  They’re a couple of very large and (in my humble opinion) rather overfed pigeons called Humpty and Dumpty who perch regularly on the fence at the bottom of the Rectory garden. At first I chased them off as I don’t allow any other animals into my garden - and I even bark fiercely at planes flying overhead -. but then they pointed out that they were technically perched on the boundary, so I let them stay.  Meesha (next door’s cat) told me that I should let her know when they’re around and keep them talking, but I think she was up to no good.

Anyway, I was chatting to Humpty and Dumpty the other day. (I knew Meesha was safely out of the way because I could hear her banging her tambourine in time to a recording of a new rap version of ‘Kumbaya’.)  It turns out that they’re Roman Catholics, and they were saying how pleased they were about Pope Francis’ latest encyclical.

Well, I naturally assumed that an encyclical is a special bicycle that the Pope uses to ride around the Vatican, but apparently it’s a sort of letter that he writes to the whole church. His latest one is called Laudato Si’ and it urges all Catholics, other Christians and people of all faiths and none to take greater care of the world. How good is that!

Humpty  - or was it Dumpty? - said that it was good for a church leader to be talking about such an important subject instead of going on and on about sex all the time like the bishops in the CofE. I could have been quite offended by this, but to be honest I’ve heard His Reverence say something very similar. In fact he said the other day that the church getting so wound up and obsessed about sex was a bit like Nero fiddling while Rome burned. 

This upset me at first because if there’s a fire in Rome I would be worried about the safety of the Pope. If his encyclical had really been a bicycle he’d have been able to escape on it - but let’s face it, a letter would be no good to him in an emergency. Anyway, all is well because when His Reverence was out the other day I googled Nero on the computer and discovered that he was a Roman emperor who allegedly played the fiddle while the city of Rome was on fire. How silly was that? More human irresponsibility!

There’s no copy of  Laudato Si’ at The Rectory yet - and I will resist commenting on the standard of reading material that we do have; but whether we all read it or not, I hope we will all take the Pope’s important message very seriously.

Now I must go and stare unflinchingly at my blue ball on the kitchen shelf and persuade His Reverence that it’s time for a game in the garden…..




Nancy's Notes : Thoughts of the Rectory Dog
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