Who's Who?

Who’s Who?

Contact details


Rector of the Wigston Benefice:

The Revd Trevor Thurston-Smith (Fr. Trevor)

The Rectory

8 Harrogate Way



LE18 3YB  

Tel. 0116 2880985    E-mail: trevor@thursmith.co.uk 

Please contact Father Trevor regarding any queries relating to the parish of Wigston Magna (All Saints and St Wistan’s) or concerning the benefice as a whole.


                          Associate Vicar with responsibility for St Thomas, South Wigston 

    The Revd Christopher Johnson (Fr Chris)

    St Thomas' Vicarage
    9 Hindoostan Avenue
    South Wigston
    Leicestershire LE18 4UD
Tel. 0116 2782830   E-mail: revchrisjohnson.wbs@gmail.com
Please contact Fr Chris regarding any queries relating to St Thomas the Apostle, South Wigston.
                           Assistant Curate
                                           The Revd Clive Watts
                                           11 Portgate
                                           Leicestershire LE18 3LQ
                                Tel.  0116 2888194    E-mail: fr.clive.watts@gmail.com  


                                          Lay Minister (Reader)  

                                          Julie Chaplin

                                          Tel. 0116 2880411 

                                          E-mail: jchaplin@leicester.anglican.org


                                          Pastoral Assistants:

                                          Christine Seaton (Wigston Magna)

                                           Tel 0116 2884443

                                           Carol Wood (South Wigston)

                                           Tel 01455 286171

                                           Jenny Barradell (South Wigston)

                                           Tel. 0116 2773396