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Worship at All Saints Parish Church, Wigston Magna

All Saints is firmly rooted in the Catholic tradition of the Church of England.  Our worship is centred on the Eucharist or Mass. The priest wears vestments coloured according to the church season and incense is normally used on Sundays and major Feast Days.


1ST Sunday : 10.00am "SAINTS ALIVE" 

An informal, “All-Age” service with hymns and songs and a brief and simple address or children’s activity. The service is usually non-eucharistic (i.e. not Holy Communion) and lasts about forty five minutes and is particularly aimed at families with young children and those who may be new to church.

On some occasions (usually major feast days like Candlemass or The Epiphany) the service may be an informal celebration of the Eucharist which may be led from a nave altar. The service is much simpler than the Parish Mass and usually includes a brief address or activity  suitable for worshippers of all ages.  

2nd,  4th  and 5th Sunday : 10.00am PARISH MASS

A celebration of the Eucharist at the High Altar with traditional ceremonial, hymns, choir, servers and incense and a sermon. Quite formal and reflective, but never stuffy, this service usually lasts about an hour.  We use the modern liturgy of ‘Common Worship’ (Order One) and lay members of the congregation read the lessons and lead the prayers. 


3rd Sunday : 10.00am "NEW FIRE MASS"

A Eucharist with contemporary music led by a music group and organ, with a more relaxed catholic ethos and a charismatic edge. Here we strive to worship God 'in the beauty of holiness' with an openess to the gifts of the Holy Spirit.



Refreshments are served in the neighbouring Parish Room after all these services.




Monday to Friday 5.00pm Evening Prayer (Common Worship - Said)  

A short service lasting about fifteen minutes.

​1st Friday of the month 7.00pm A Service of Healing and Wholeness

​A quiet, gentle service of prayers for healing, including laying-on-of hands and anointing. The church is open from 6.15pm onwards for private prayer, and a priest is available until 6.50pm to hear confessions or give spiritual counsel. The service itself lasts just over half an hour.  
Saturday 9.30am Said Mass

A quiet celebration lasting half an hour or so. This service usually takes place in the Lady Chapel and may include a very short address/”Thought for the day”. Unless it is a Saint's day, the service is usually a votive Mass of Our Lady. 

Saints Days and Holy Days : Mass as announced (See Notices)

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