Introducing our Curate


Introducing our Assistant Curate : The Revd Clive Watts



Clive first heard his calling to ordained ministry in 2006 whilst on pilgrimage to Taizé in France. Over the following years this calling grew and deepened. Going on a Cursillo weekend and spending time on retreat in Northumbria were both significant times on his faith journey, helping him to understand God’s call for his life.  At that time Clive worshipped at Leicester Cathedral, and led the server team there, He also volunteered as a Street Pastor and was involved in several Fresh Expressions of Church, He is particularly interested in how the Church responds to social justice issues and welcomes the marginalised in our communities.

Having trained for ordination at  Ripon College Cuddesdon  near Oxford, Clive was ordained Deacon in July 2016 and came to Wigston to serve his Title. He was ordained priest in July 2017.  

Prior to commencing his ordination training, Clive worked as a Nurse, most recently as a specialist community nurse. It was that job that brought him to Leicester thirteen years ago. He had previously lived in Sheffield, Reading, Bristol and Plymouth among many other places.  He and his civil partner, David have been together for over twenty years. When they both have time off, they enjoy spending time in their ltitle cottage in Northumberland. Clive also enjoys cooking, gardening and long walks.