New Fire Mass


Introducing 'The New Fire Mass'

It's High and Smokey. It's Catholic and Charismatic. 

It's Sacramental and Contemporary. 



The "New Fire Mass" usually takes place at All Saints Church on the third Sunday of each Month at 10.00am  However, it is currently suspended due to the Coronavirus


What is it?

The service is a Eucharist and it is celebrated in a way that affirms our Catholic tradition and draws on traditional ceremonial - including the use of incense. It does, however, have a less formal feel than our usual Sunday morning Sung Mass.

The music is contemporary; we use a more modern and ‘upbeat’ Mass setting and a mixture of uplifting and reflective modern worship songs with an occasional traditional hymn, led by a small worship band.  Our aim is to be more relaxed and open to the presence and gifts of the Holy Spirit. The service often includes prayer ministry during Communion for those who want it.

From about 9.50 a.m. onwards, the music group sings worship songs to create an atmosphere of praise and worship. They may at this point sing some of the lesser-known songs that will be used later in the service so that they’re not so unfamiliar later on.  

The Mass itself starts at10.00am.

This service is inspired by 'On Fire Mission’ - a network rooted in the Church of England, and open to all, which is dedicated to promoting charismatic (spirit-filled) renewal blended with the riches of Catholic spirituality and sacramental worship. 

Why not give it a try, and worship God both in the Beauty of Holiness and the Power of the Spirit?