St Thomas Tower Repairs - photo updates

28th March 2023

We're nearly there! The steels (just two were needed in the end) and the concrete lintel (the same length as an average height person!) are in place and the roof is back on the stair turret. The new windows are also installed. The scaffolding will gradually come down this week to allow access to a small amount of work to some roof tiles and some repointing further down.


Before                                                                After









21st February 2023

The steel work has now arrived and the contractors are working through the layers of bricks course by course and tying them in. 

The first photo with the spirit level shows just how much the levels have been out of kilter, about 7 inches. We think that the issue is a combination of the walls pushing out and some settlement, probably not long after the tower was built back in 1901.





7th February 2023

The stone cap at the top of the tower has now been removed - giving another unusual view! Plus a look over to the new HMP Fosse Way.



31st January 2023