Who's Who?

Contact details


Rector of the Wigston Benefice:

The Revd Trevor Thurston-Smith (Fr. Trevor)

The Rectory

8 Harrogate Way


Leicestershire  LE18 3YB  

Tel. 0116 2880985    E-mail: trevor@thursmith.co.uk (usual day off: Monday)

Please contact Fr Trevor for matters relating to All Saints' & St Wistan's, Wigston Magna and the Benefice as a whole.


                          Associate Vicar with responsibility for St Thomas, South Wigston 

    The Revd Christopher Johnson (Fr Chris)

    St Thomas' Vicarage
    9 Hindoostan Avenue
    South Wigston
    Leicestershire LE18 4UD
    Tel. 0116 2782830   E-mail: revchrisjohnson.wbs@gmail.com 
     (usual day off Friday)
Please contact Fr Chris regarding any queries relating to St Thomas the Apostle, South Wigston.
                                     Assistant Curate
                                     The Revd Clive Watts (Fr Clive)
                                             (please note, Fr Clive is currently looking after another benefice in the diocese.)

     11 Portgate

     Leicestershire LE18 3LQ
     Tel.  0116 2888194    E-mail: fr.clive.watts@gmail.com  
     (usual day off Monday) 
                                          Lay Minister (Reader)  

                                          Julie Chaplin

                                          Tel. 0116 2880411 Email: jchaplin1@live.co.uk

                                         Pastoral Assistants:

                                         Jenny Barradell (South Wigston)

                                         Tel. 0116 2773396