Worship Resources

At this difficult time when the Church is not able to gather for worship in the customary way, it's important that we continue to pray and worship at home and to explore new ways of being the Church. We hope the resources provided on this page may be of some help to you, and we will update the page as appropriate.


A Holy Week Video Message from Fr Trevor  Some thoughts to help prepare for Holy Week and Easter  in these difficult times.  


Resources for Holy Week & Easter, Sunday and Daily Worship

Holy Week and Easter Services designed for use at home can be found here. These services work alongside the Spiritual Communion Sheet and the Sunday sermons below.

An Act of Spiritual Communion  PDF of the Order for Spiritual Communion here. When unable to receive Holy Comunion normally, it's possible to make an Act of Spiritual Communion. It can be used at any time, but  you may like to use it at 10.00am on Sundays when the Clergy will be saying Mass in private.

Reflection and Study Notes for the Readings

Readings, Collects etc for Palm Sunday   (The Blue Redemptorist Sheet) 

Palm Sunday Sermon

Easter Day Sermon

Compline order of service available here.

Stations of the Cross is available in PDF here.

A free downloadable video of 'Stations of the Cross' (courtesy of  Redemptorist Publications) is available here 

Stations of the Cross from All Saints Margaret Street, London  Led by Fr Michael Bowie SMMS can be viewed here 



As many people are unable to attend the funerals of loved ones at this time, you can find an order of service to use at home here.

Worshipping with others using technology

An example of how two people found a really good way of worshipping together on Sunday morning:

‘(We) decided we would like to use Facetime to worship together at 10 o’clock this morning..... We gathered laptops and I-phones in our respective homes and after one or two delays due to this and that we got settled down to worship.  We found the Spiritual Communion service very accessible, and by augmenting it with fuller Bible  readings, the prayer for today and your thoughts on Mothering Sunday, we were able to participate fully even though we were not physically in the church building or each others homes.  We will definitely have another go hopefully next week, and we will be better prepared having ironed out a few glitches, the main one being the time delay when we recited a prayer together.  We decided it would be better to recite it an alternate line each, and when we got to the prayers we just prayed silently this week and that seemed to bring a calm to the proceedings.’

...and here's another helpful suggestion from one of our regular worshippers: 

Look up to the light!

During these difficult days I have been reminded of the following verse in the Bible which says:

‘The light shines in the darkness and the darkness can never extinguish it.’

(John Chapter 1 verse 5 New Living Translation)

In order to keep looking up to God our source of light, I decided it would be helpful to take on a simple practical activity this week and create a box of light.

I found 7 pieces of paper and on each one I wrote the verse from John at the top.

Then I set about finding a box or a container in the house that would be my light box for the week.  This in my case was a shiny brass ornament which is bright and cheery. My friend in her home decided to be much more creative, and set about decorating an empty chocolate box with lovely light and bright decorations.

Each day we have both been writing down one thing on one of the pieces of paper, that has brought us light. It could be global, like hearing about the way in which the scientists and engineers are working together to try and problem solve during the crises.  Or it might be local like the way a telephone call has cheered us up.  Whatever it is that is chosen, is written down as a source of God’s light and an encouragement in dark times and popped into the light box!


If you come up with an imaginative new way of worshipping from which others may benefit, please let us know! 

Prayers and devotions 

from the Church Union: Praying At Home


the CofE offers a number of apps, some of which are free, to aid prayer. Click here for more information. 

Reflections and Meditations 

Love alone overcomes fear The Franciscan Spiritual writer Fr Richard Rohr shares some thoughts on Covid-19  

Love at a Distance some thoughts from Bishop Lindsday Urwin, former Priest Administrator of the Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham and now Vicar of Christ Church Brunswick, in the Anglican Diocese of Melbourne, Australia.  

Living in Interesting Times  Some thoughts from Fr Trevor on how to use the experience of these difficult days positively. 

Being still in God's presence : A Guide to Contemplative Prayer  Some notes from Fr Trevor on how to relax and still the mind, which may be helpful in these tense times.   

Divine Silence  Part 1 of a meditation by Fr John-Francis Friendship SMMS

Divine Silence (Continued) Part 2 of Fr John's meditation 


Contemporary music and images for Holy Week and Easter

'Passion Song' by Sean Carter

'At the Cross' by Chris Tomlin

'You Need Not Say Goodbye' - Passion Church

'The Power of the Cross ' Stuart Townend

'And Can It be?' by Phatfish and Lou Bellingham

Radio Broadcast Worship

The Church of England will be offering broadcasts on BBC local radio at 8am on Sundays. Radio Leicester is on 104.9FM and on DAB.

Daily Worship is at 9.45am Mon-Fri on R4:198 Long Wave and on Digital Radio (a station for the Daily Service appears around 9.45am).

Choral Evensong is broadcast on Wednesdays at 3.30pm on R3 (90.2 - 92.6 FM & on Digital Radio). This is also repeated on a Sunday afternoon around 3pm.

Link to various online resources:


Live Streamed Worship 

from St Wilfrid's, Harrogate (Fr Trevor's 'home' church),via the parish facebook page at 6pm Monday – Friday and at 10am on Sundays: https://www.facebook.com/SaintWilfrid

The Order of service is here: SWH Mass for livestreaming

Community of the Resurrection the Brothers at Mirfield are streaming their Offices (services) throughout the day on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/CoRMirfield/ for more details and to join in.