Christenings (Holy Baptism)

The sacrament of Holy Baptism (Christening)

Baptism (often called Christening) is the means by which we become members of Christ's Church.

We are happy to baptise both adults and children at our churches, but there are a few rules that we have to observe.

To be baptised at any of our churches, you should normally either live in the parish (i.e. Wigston Magna for All Saints or St Wistan's, South Wigston for St Thomas') or worship regularly at the church concerned. 

We may still be able to baptise you or your child if you live outside the parish but have good reason for wanting the baptism in one of our churches, but we will need to get the permission of the parish priest (Rector, Vicar or Priest-in-Charge) of the parish in which you live.  

In infant Baptism, the role of Godparents is very important because they make a solemn promise to God that they will help to bring up the child in the Christian faith. For this reason, the Church of England requires by law that all Godparents must themselves be baptised.  Please bear this in mind when choosing Godparents .

If you are seeking baptism for yourself or your child at All Saints, Wigston Magna, the easiest way to arrange this is to come along to one of our baptism information and preparation meetings in All Saints'  Church. These are held at 10.45am on the first Saturday of each month. You don't need to tell us you're coming, just turn up.

Alternatively, you can contact our Churchwarden, Patrick Thacker  on 07887 375644  / e-mail but you will still need to attend the Preparation Meeting as it will only be at that meeting that we will be able to agree dates and finalise your booking.  

For baptism at St Thomas' South Wigston, please contact Fr Chris on 0116 2782830 or email:

If in doubt, please feel free to contact us for more information!