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Updates about St Wistan's, Wigston Magna

Updated 28th May 2022


The Church Commissioners’ Process in relation to the proposed closure of St Wistan’s as a place of worship has reached its next stage. You can find details of this here: Church Commissioners Draft Scheme and Notice - May 2022

Please read the details carefully.


Please also note that this process is managed by the Church Commissioners (not by Wigston Benefice). The deadline for any representations to the Commissioners is midnight on 4th July 2022. Any correspondence should be sent directly to: 


Previous updates and information

A previous update on the St Wistan's Process can still be found here: March 2022 St Wistan's Update

Further to recent comments on social media, please note that St Thomas' South Wigston is financially independent from St Wistan's and any fundraising activity for the St Thomas' project is not diverting funds away from St Wistan's.

The update from October 2021 can be found here: October 2021 St Wistan's update

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